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Optical system Two white lamps are used as the light fo dc550. Light radiated from the light source is applied to the document on the document table.

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The reflected light from the document is reflected 5 times fo dc550 No. Separate images scanned in each color section are overlapped to complete color scanning. Fo dc550 system The drive system is composed of the scanner motor, the pulley gear, the idle pulley, the idle gear, the beltthe beltand the shaft.

fo dc550 The motor rotation is converted into reciprocated movements of fo dc550 belt through the idle gear, the pulley gear, the beltand the idle pulley to drive the optical unit. Laser unit B. Laser beam path The image data sent from the MCU image process circuit is sent to the LSU laser unitwhere it is converted into laser beams. Basic structure The LSU unit is the writing section of the digital optical system.

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The laser emitting PWB is provided with the Fo dc550 auto power control in order to eliminate fluctuations in the laser power. Composition Effective scanning width: mm max. Resolution: dpi Beam diameter: 75um in the main scanning direction, 80um in the sub scanning direction Image surface power: fo dc550. Converges laser beams in parallel.

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Converges laser beams onto the polygon mirror surface. Fo dc550 laser beams at a constant rpm.


fo dc550 A four-surfaces polygon mirror is used. Detects start timing of laser scanning. Fuser section Converges laser beams at a spot on the drum.


Makes the laser scanning speeds fo dc550 both ends of the drum same as each other. Refer to the figure below.

AIM @ Sharp Compatible FO-2080/FO-DC550 Black Toner Cartridge (6000 Page Yield) (FO-55ND)

General block diagram cross section Thermal fuse Separator pawl PPD2 3 The self-check function comes active when one of the following malfunctions occurs, and an "H" is displayed on the multicopy window. Open fo dc550 d.

Open thermal fuse e. Thermistor Pressure roller Fo dc550 resistor Fo dc550 roller This model is provided with a fusing resistor in the fusing section to improve transfer efficiency. Since the upper heat roller is conductive, when using copy paper that contains moisture and the distance between the transfer unit and the fusing unit is short, the transfer current may find a path to ground via the copy paper, the upper heat roller and the discharging brush. Paper feed section and paper transport section A.

Paper transport path and fo dc550 operations 4 3 5 Separator pawl 2 1 1 Heat roller A Teflon roller is used for the heat roller and a silicone rubber roller is used for the lower heat roller for better toner fusing performance and paper separation. The separator pawls are Teflon coated to reduce friction with the roller and prevent a smear on the paper caused by the separator pawl. To prevent against abnormally high temperature in the fuser unit, a thermal breaker and thermal fuse are used for safety purposes. Heated by the heater lamp.Sharp FO DC - multifunction printer (B/W) overview and full product specs on CNET.

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