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Store Finder. These work the same way as Electroluminescent wire wire, and provide the same continuous, even illumination—the only difference is that EL tape comes in a thick, electroluminescent wire band and EL panel is sold in 10cm x 10cm squares. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.


In order to operate EL wire properly, you must use AC alternating current power. This is similar to electroluminescent wire power that comes out of your wall outlets at home, though outlets provide much more current than needed for EL wire. That's electroluminescent wire the inverter comes in!

EL inverters allow you to drive EL electroluminescent wires. EL inverters allow you to drive EL wires. Even though the Tron movies have been out for a while, electroluminescence is still the coolest thing since sliced bread. This 3V EL Inverter is a special typ…. The battery pack included in the EL starter kit and the chasing inverter are not just a battery electroluminescent wire.

How Electroluminescent (EL) Wire Works

It houses an inverter as well. EL WIRE is an electroluminescent wire - a copper wire coated with electroluminescent wire phosphorus material and wrapped with two tiny transmitter wires. It is then sealed electroluminescent wire a water resistant casing.

When you start sewing, run the electroluminescent wire between the two threads after the first stitch, to make a better anchor to the knot. This ensures the the knot will not electroluminescent wire through the hole in the fabric. Sew along the length of the EL wire with a diagonal whip stitch, using whatvever spacing is needed to hold the wire in the proper shape.

If the fabric is especially thick or difficult to sew through, you can use a line of topstitching as your anchor. Tie an extra knot in the fishing line periodically every inchesso that if part of it breaks it will not undo the rest of the stitching. For some materials, a strong flexible glue may be a better choice. Another method for attaching EL wire to clothing is to make a casing or channel with sheer fabric, and slide the wire through there. We recommend looping the wire no more tightly than you would around a pencil. electroluminescent wire

Why I don't offer EL wire anymore*

If you want a permanent application you can glue it to most surfaces with vinyl glue or super glue. When using several strands of EL, you may want to consider using the 12V inverter. The inverter consists of a barrel jack connector and a pair of wires terminated with a JST PH connector. These are ideal for the biggest, brightest display possible! Electroluminescent wire particular EL inverter accepts an input via the 5. Simply connect a power source with a center positive barrel jack connector. There is also a small switch on the side which allows you to switch between "on", "blink", and "off" settings. As with the 3V inverter, you can drive EL wires with the 12V inverter directly.

Laser Wire® Cable is Brighter Than EL Wire & Fiber Optic Lighting

electroluminescent wire However, you may need to re-terminate them or make an adapter. Again, you can connect two strands together by making a parallel connection. This versatility lends to the sequencers' use at nighttime events where mains electricity is not available. By arranging each strand of EL wire into a shape slightly different from electroluminescent wire previous one, it is possible to create animations using EL wire sequencers.


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So awesome.Electroluminescent wire is a thin copper wire coated in a phosphor that produces electroluminescent wire through electroluminescence when an alternating current is applied to it. Introduction. When it comes to electroluminescent wire projects that glow, nothing beats Electroluminescent wire (or EL wire for short). LEDs are fun and all, but EL wire is what.

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