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Recovering From The Recovery Discs I have tried a scan to see if my wireless card was being detected erik erik-laptop: Sometimes the old driver sticks around and ndiswrapper fails when trying to load the driver. The computer gateway NV53A is about years. There is no hardware or even any change in software. Internet just crapped out and is only way to connect through the ethernet cable. How network cards could dv9410us xp wifi disappear? Did someone come up with a fix? Did you follow my advice, I gave you at the end of another Thread of yours, who spoke of the reinstallation of the operating system? It would be either material failed dv9410us xp wifi the Wi - Fi to become corrupted drivers Wi - Fi.

I can't connect to any internet. I'm trying to connect to wireless hotspots, but it tells me that I am connected with limited access. I ran the Live CD for a little while and loved it.

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It disconnected very often for no apparent reason. Sometimes when I boot my computer Ubuntu does not read the wireless card and I have to reboot several times until the wireless indicator turns on. When I boot I try to dv9410us xp wifi the wireless, by pressing the wireless dv9410us xp wifi and sometimes it turns on and sometimes not. Curious thing is that every time I boot in safe mode it works. Am I doing anything wrong?

Did I skip a step in the How-To? I'm currently running fine dv9410us xp wifi booting in safe mode when I need internet but i would really like to solve this. Try playing with the wireless options in your bios? Well as far as this how-to is concerned your card is working. I've always had issues with the default network-manager, so my suggestions are to try using wifi-radar or doing the whole thing manually following kevdog's tutorial. Thank you so much!! I followed the instructions in the dv9410us xp wifi post here, and it worked! I've been battling this for a week, following countless threads claiming to be THE solution - and this is the only one that was.


Just another note to say that this almost worked for me, and started working completely with one smallish change. I had followed paperdiesel's tutorial to configure my dv9410us xp wifi with ndiswrapper back when I was using Gutsy, and of course, that stopped working once I put Hardy on.

When I rebooted at the end, however, I couldn't connect wirelessly -- Network Manager didn't want to acknowledge that I had a wireless card dv9410us xp wifi the computer at all. However, if I then put the computer into standby and brought it out, the wireless would start working perfectly.

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Running sudo modprobe -r b44 sudo modprobe -r ssb sudo modprobe -r ndiswrapper sudo modprobe ndiswrapper sudo modprobe b44 in the terminal also worked to get dv9410us xp wifi wireless going. I ended up adding sudo modprobe -r ndiswrapper right before sudo modprobe ndiswrapper in my rc. Wireless started working all the time, even on boot-up. I don't know exactly why I needed to add this command to rc. I'm relatively new to Linux Anyway, thought I'd throw this in the mix for other people with similar problems. My Broadcom wired ethernet also works without a hitch, switching between wired and wireless depending on whether a cable is connected. Thanks so much, jw, for your excellent tutorial!

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I dv9410us xp wifi have been clueless otherwise No problems! I'm trying to avoid telling people to remove a module that shouldn't have been loaded at all in their rc. EXE so the unzip command did not work until I did a list of the files in the directory and saw the case change on the EXE. No probs!


I got it to work, eventually. I had a LOT of trouble with it. I finally got it to work, but it was luck not skill and I was unable dv9410us xp wifi track down what order I did it.


Dv9410us xp wifi it may have been a side effect of the next issue. But, not to have a negative attitude, thanks. My current problem is WPA security. I have a secured wireless router and an unsecured wireless router on different channels. What happens is the secured one requires several trials before it finally connects.

The unsecured one starts right up first time every time.DVUS XP WIFI DRIVER - If you follow the how-to, paperdiesel advises that you should blacklist bcm43xx and then reboot. Dv9410us xp wifi tried to uninstall the.

DVUS XP WIFI DRIVER DOWNLOAD - This is the password that you've set up on your router for people to connect and access the Internet. Does "iwlist.

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