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However, the following limitation in addition to the above, also applies when converting from DocuWorks document. The size of the temporary bitmap data created during processing cannot be above 1 GB.


Printer and Fax Output. Therefore, the image width and resolution may be automatically amended during conversion. Notes when DocuWorks documents are processed with the rule that performs DocuWorks conversion. The following functions do not work when a DocuWorks document is processed with the rule document centre c240 64bit "Format Conversion set to DocuWorks conversion " is set for the process method:. However, the following functions do work even for DocuWorks documents. Format conversion to PDF with high compression is only valid for pages with color document centre c240 64bit.

Also, the size of the compressed file depends on the document type there may not be any difference in compression for document with little character information.

For PDF with high compression generated by ApeosWare Flow Services, the colors of the document may not be reproduced correctly due to the characteristic of the image processing to improve the compression rate. For example, the following errors may occur. If the full entry of a seal and red ballpoint is superimposed on black line, the colors may change. Characters and line drawings with low chroma dark may become blacker. In a rule file where "Mailbox" is set for the import source, the password document centre c240 64bit the import source "Mailbox" is also set. Notes when a special character code is contained in a sender ID for fax documents. When a special character code is contained in a sender ID for fax documents, the special character code character codes that cannot be used on Windows: e.

The following errors occur on the image data when data transfer to a mailbox is interrupted or when incorrect image data is imported from a mailbox.

Canon U.S.A., Inc. imageFORMULA DR-C Office Document Scanner

The following communication errors may occur when polling is done for the mailbox set by rule. Restriction when a FTP directory in the send destination storage destination folder is specified. In ApeosWare Flow Services running on Windows that is not an English version, when you are setting up "FTP directory" as the send destination on the save to folder setting screen, if the code set of Windows and the code set of the FTP server do not match, text will become garbled at the send destination if the name of a file or folder to save contains characters not in the English code set. Restrictions on the accounts to be set document centre c240 64bit using the folder storage function in the Service mode. Document centre c240 64bit an account that accesses the folder storage destination folder is specified in the environment where the system is running in the Service mode, the following error messages may appear during job processing: "User name or password error.

Presence TPM in ESXi

When a DocuWorks document is printed with the rule where "Printer Output" is set for a send destination and the DocuWorks document has been created from an application, data is extracted and transferred per page as the image with " dpi resolution, color, and uncompressed" settings. When Image Compression is set to "Disable" in the printer driver print setting and a large amount of color page data is printed, document centre c240 64bit correct number of pages may not always be output.


A sample setting procedure for Document Centre C is as follows:. Open the Properties of a printer driver. Restriction on exporting and importing of printer output and the included rule file.

The rule document centre c240 64bit in service mode environment that includes printer output is set with log-on user and password for using the printer driver. When OCR is specified for the process method and a DocuWorks document is input in the rule where "Perform OCR on specified areas of specified pages only" is set, the OCR results of specified areas will not be embedded in the attribute of the DocuWorks document.


Notes on the environments where DocuWorks 5. In the environment where DocuWorks 5.

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The processing time may differ for English versions 6. When the ApeosWare Flow Services window is activated and the [Stop] button of the "Character Recognition Process" dialog box that is displayed during OCR processing, is clicked, the job process becomes an error and document centre c240 64bit following error message is output to the log: "OCR process of the page cannot be done. There are some restrictions on the account information settings in the Document and Attributes Table Output function setting dialog box and on the environments where output to a remote folder is guaranteed.

When a computer is restarted shut down while ApeosWare Flow Services is running, the following error will occur repeatedly due to the timing of restarting shutdown when using the mailbox function.

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When co-existing with a file monitoring application, a conflict of file access may occur during job processing. As examples of a file monitoring application, co-existing with the following virus monitoring software have been confirmed:. When execution of job flow sheet associated with ApeosWare Flow Services ends abnormally at device. When a job flow sheet document centre c240 64bit is associated with ApeosWare Flow Services is executed and the job ends abnormally at the device, the possible causes include.

When a job has ended abnormally at the device and has not been accepted in ApeosWare Flow Services, you have to re-execute it at the device. Document centre c240 64bit there is a communication error between ApeosWare Flow Services and device When a job has been deleted by ApeosWare Flow Services When the computer cannot respond as a result of high CPU load caused by the execution of processing of document data OCR processing and image processing for large amount of pages. Actions when execution of the job flow sheet associated with Scan has ended abnormally at device.Product downloads for Document Centre C/C/C Windows x64 PCL Driver.

PCL. Description. Windows bit bit PostScript Driver. PostScript. No drivers available for selected language. Showing English drivers instead. x64 PS Windows Driver >. Version: 1 Compatibility > File Information >.

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