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Uh oh. The Remote Control Doesn't Work.

This is a good thing; it means the degauss coil has enough balls to deal with quite serious problems. Degaussing is the process of exposing the tube assembly to a rapidly oscillating and quite strong magnetic field, which cpd g400 away gradually to nothing. The idea of the exercise is cpd g400 demagnetise any bits of the monitor that have been magnetically contaminated - like, for example, the aperture grille.

Sony CPD-G400 User Manual

Magnetic contamination causes "purity" problems, where sections of the screen get a colour cast because some magnetised component is pulling the electron beams off-line. The magnetic fields used by the monitor to put the electron beams where they're meant cpd g400 be are not very much stronger than the earth's own magnetic field, so it doesn't take much to spoil things.


You can see what I'm talking about by gingerly waving a magnet closer and closer to your monitor - you'll see the image start to distort and change colour. If you get the magnet too close to the monitor - which, for high-powered magnets, can be a fair distance away - you'll induce a purity problem which, I hasten to point out, your monitor's degauss coil may or may not be able to cure. So don't try it if you're nervous about turning a patch of screen purple until someone with an actual "degaussing wand" makes some magic passes to dispel the problem.

Like all colour monitors worthy of the name, the Sony degausses itself automatically when turned on, and you can fire up the coil manually through the setup menu as well. Every single Trinitron or Diamondtron monitor ever made has at least one and, for bigger screens like the G, two or more, faint dark lines running horizontally across the screen. They're most visible on a plain white screen, but once you know they're there you can't miss them on any reasonably bright colour. Here's a close-up shot of the G's screen, with Windows pointer for scale.

See the damper wire shadow? cpd g400

Me cpd g400. Here's a close-up of my old ADI Microscan, for comparison. The different layout of the dots on the shadow mask ADI versus the lines on the aperture grille Sony is obvious.

Cpd g400 lines are shadows cast by damper wires, and cpd g400 damper wires are there because of the inherent design of the Trinitron tube. After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out.


Ask a Question. Continue to site. Lo sentimos. Interface Required Connector Type.

Connector Cpd g400. Projector Max V-Sync Rate. Max H-Sync Rate. When the computer is turned OFF, there is no video sync input the monitor. Page 33 6. You may want to 1.

Sony CPD-G User Manual 2 pages

Position the main board to access the power supply. The voltage from a secondary winding of Although the switching power supply oscillator runs while there is voltage T at D is cpd g400 for regulation.Sony CPD-G - CRT monitor - 19" cpd g400 and full product specs on CNET. Sony CPD-G 19" monitor. Review date: 22 January Last modified Dec If you spend a lot of time staring at a screen, a good monitor is.

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