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I searched the net for houres to find one. You can also download cayman netopia 3342, if you wish: But there exists a small C program cxacru-fw. Be sure to copy the keys exactly, and place them in the same slots!

Netopia Router Manual Ip Address Wireless Lan

You need to enter at least one key and select it with Use Encryption Key. This is the key that your Router will use for wireless encryption. Select one of the keys you have already set, and then make sure that the cayman netopia 3342 wireless PC is also using the same matching key. The default is cayman netopia 3342 1. The MAC Authorization screen appears.

RISC-V-Linux/cxacru.c at master · westerndigitalcorporation/RISC-V-Linux · GitHub

All unlisted addresses will be blocked, in addition to the listed addresses with Allow disabled. When you are nished adding MAC addresses click the Done button. You will be returned to the Quickstart page. Cayman netopia 3342 the Save Changes button, and, when you are prompted, restart your Router by clicking the Yes button. Statistics When you click Statistics in cayman netopia 3342 left hand column of links, the links bar expands. Line State: May be Up connected or Down disconnected.

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Modulation: Method of regulating the DSL signal. DMT Discrete MultiTone allows connections to work better when certain radio transmitters are present.


Data Path: Cayman netopia 3342 of path used by the device's processor. Downstream and Upstream statistics Max Allowed Speed kbps : Your maximum speeds for downloading receiving and uploading sending data on the DSL line, in kilobits per second. SN Margin db : Signal to noise margin, in decibels.

Reects the cayman netopia 3342 of unwanted noise on the DSL line. CRC Errors: Cayman netopia 3342 of times data packets have had to be resent due to errors in transmission or reception. The ATM Statistics page displays detailed statistics about the upstream and downstream data trafc handled by your Router. This information is useful for troubleshooting and when seeking technical support. Ethernet When you click Ethernet, the Ethernet Statistics page appears.

[PATCH 3/5] USB ATM: driver for the Conexant AccessRunner chipset cxacru

The Ethernet Statistics page:. Wireless When you click Wireless, the Wireless Statistics page appears.

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The Wireless Statistics page:. Logs When you click Logs, the Logs Statistics page appears. Select a log from the pull-down menu:.

All: Displays the entire system log. Connection: Displays events logged for the WAN connection. System: Displays events logged for the Router system conguration. The current status of the Router is displayed for all logs. Diagnostics When you click Diagnostics, the Diagnostics page appears. This cayman netopia 3342 multi-layer test examines the functionality of the Router from the physical connections to the data trafc being sent by users through the Router. When you click Update Router, cayman netopia 3342 Software Upgrade page appears.

If you want to check for an updated version without installing it, click the Check Software from Server link. This section gives some simple suggestions for troubleshooting problems with your Routers initial conguration. Before troubleshooting, make sure you have. Quickstart Troubleshooting If your Cayman netopia 3342 is not able to connect you to the Internet, you may see one or more of the following messages: DSL connection is down. Please check the following: Phone line is securely connected to your Router.

DSL Sync light on front of your Router cayman netopia 3342 green and not blinking Filters have been installed on all phone jacks that have telephone devices connected to them.CAYMAN NETOPIA LINUX DRIVER DOWNLOAD - Just for reference, my cxacru-fw. Cayman netopia 3342 only 6 pages on the entire internet with those 5 words on them. Looking for the Bluewin ADSL Disk? (didn't find it too.) But the Installer / Driver for the Netopia USB networkadapter. Attachment.

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