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Save Cancel. This method of heatsink attachment does not result in bt869krf heat transfer from the core to the heatsink; properly bt869krf thermal grease would have done the job much better.


Contact Us. The Fusion bt869krf family consists of two members: the Bt and the Bt Similar Bt869krf. November 18, 0 Comment.

Pixel inputs are ignored during CC encoding. EIA describes ancillary data applications for Field 2 Line 21 line If the ECCGATE bit is set, no further encoding will be performed until the appropriate registers are again written; a null will be transmitted on the appropriate CC line in that case. The CC data bt869krf are double-buffered to prevent loss of data during the encoding process. Eight bars are displayed, with the colors and amplitudes being generated internally.

File:Conexant Bt869KRF.png

The pixel inputs are ignored in color bar mode. The Bt does not support the Macrovision feature. All digital-to-analog converters are designed to drive standard video levels into a combined RLOAD of Unused outputs should be disabled by setting the corresponding DACDISX bit to minimize supply current, or connected directly to ground to minimize supply switching currents. For the composite video output, this results in a slightly lower than desired burst and bt869krf amplitude value. This can be compensated for, to some extent, by choosing an output filter which boosts higher frequency response slightly.

BTKRF (ETC) PDF技术资料下载 BTKRF 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (2/ 页)

In this mode, the analog circuitry is shut down, disabling the output video, and the bt869krf clock to the device bt869krf held constant, placing both the analog and digital current draw to a minimum. Register states are preserved, but other chip functionality including the serial interface is disabled.

This mode achieves the greatest reduction in power. In addition, the entire analog subsection can bt869krf powered-down with the DACOFF bit, allowing digital operations to continue while reducing the power in the analog circuitry.


This will achieve a significant reduction in power while maintaining all digital functionality. This is useful only if some of the DACs are being used, in order bt869krf minimize the power in the system. The interface is designed to operate with either 3.

A register bit map bt869krf displayed in Tableand a read-back bit map bt869krf displayed in Table Bit descriptions and detailed programming information follow the bit map. All registers are write-only and are set to 0 following a software reset. Please try again.


A-5 Table A A-7 Table A Bt869krf Table A A Bt869krf A This pin should be tied to the digital supply. This pin should be tied to the digital ground plane.

This pin is three-state if the CLKI pin provides the encoder clock. This may be used as either the encoder clock or a delayed version of the CLKO pin synchronized with the pixel data input. A logical 0 resets and disables video timing horizontal, vertical, subcarrier counters to the start of VSYNC of first field and resets the serial interface registers. A logical 1 configures the device for power-down mode. A logical 0 configures the device for normal operation.BTKRF datasheet, Bt869krf pdf, BTKRF data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Conexant, Flicker-Free Video Encoder with UltrascaleTM Technology.

BTKRF Vga to TV Video Encoder. Conexant's Fusion Family of Video Decoders Integrate Broadcast Audio and Video Capture and Playback in a Single.

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