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I could even mix down my tracks without ever leaving the digital realm.

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With a modest studio setup such as mine, it's possible to completely replace a mixer with the Q10 and a patch bay. The Q10's audio quality is excellent. Self-noise was inaudible except at extreme settings.

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When I connected my Les Paul Studio, the guitar inputs sounded warm and clean. The Q10 held up quite well. Would they allow me to record my guitar and bass direct so I could experiment with re-amping later? I was quite pleased with the sound of the aardvark direct pro q10 guitar and while some of the credit must go to the trusty Music Aardvark direct pro q10, the Aardvark certainly kept pace with it and did nothing to detract from the sound. I brought my drummer, bass player and vocalist over for some live tracking.

Just plug the guitar right into the Q10! Page Rear Panel The volume of these outputs can be adjusted with the Monitor Volume Knob on the front of the Q10 discussed earlier. On all the slave units, you need aardvark direct pro q10 set synchronizzation to WC Word Clock. This lets you monitor your audio levels and ultimately get better sound.

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The Aardvark is a Cran well above For me it is the best in its class! Yes, absolutely!


My great regret is that the box was closed It's a shame and a thundering box that produces this quality comes aardvark direct pro q10 But hey we have never Aardvark mattraqu advertising in magazines prfrs Right now all the stores sell out! So it's really a boon for those aardvark direct pro q10 want s'quiper "PRO" with a small budget! I brought my drummer, bass player and vocalist over for some live tracking.

I used a simple, four-microphone setup for the drums with a Shure SM 57 on the snare, Sennheiser on the kick and the Oktava pair for overheads. Bass went direct while the vocalist used a Shure KSM And to complete the converters aardvark direct pro q10 excellent!

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The sound card that plugs into the PC is Fully blind Short but good things! Well there's no picture The Aardvark is a Cran well above For me it is the best in its class! Yes, absolutely!

My great regret is that the box was closed HMNPSep 22, Well, the reason I mentioned Protools was because they aquired M-Audio last month. This is by no means, concrete info but aardvark direct pro q10 honest assumption of what may take place in the near future with this technology. But not with this actually good one So it's probably some kind of driver issue, or hardware isn't working together?


Any IT wizards on aardvark direct pro q10 forum? Replies: 1 Last Post: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. All times are GMT The 6-foot cable was long enough to reach from my computer to the ideal mounting spot in my equipment rack right beneath my patch bay.

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If your studio is more spacious, you might wish that the Q10's cable were a bit longer. The PCI card is heavily shielded and contains only the connector for the audio interface cable. I definitely prefer the Aardvark Q10's scheme to products that put audio, MIDI, or sync connections on the host card itself, aardvark direct pro q10 arrangement that requires me to crawl behind my computer and curse the rat's nest of cables back there.Aardvark's unique Direct Pro Q10 brings a fresh new approach to computer recording. Q10's 8 studio quality XLR aardvark direct pro q10 preamps have an ultra quiet%.

Aardvark Direct Pro Q For the songwriter or producer who does most of his tracking alone, almost any computer recording interface will.

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