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Despite its moderate power 6n6p srpp, Eryk's amplifier handled them all with aplomb, showing a slight compression of the bottom end that was easy enough to swallow, and having me surprised at how nice it all sounded and how freely the Red King ventured into the territory normally reserved for much more powerful designs. I listened to it driving the speakers that offer loads of bass and whose powerful woofer can pump lots of air. The amplifier sounded insane with the new Daft Punk album Random Access Memorieskeeping the rhythm and saturating all audio sub-bands, filling them with the connective tissue of content.

I did not expect that. Or that color and dynamics differentiation would be maintained. It's not a sound in the same fashion, 6n6p srpp one rhythm and color.


Let me now come back to the way of showing instruments' timbre variations as it's the most important feature 6n6p srpp that machine. To see how the amp fares with it, I listened one after another to the snippets from J. I'm in the process of re-doing the power supply.


I chose that circuit for it's simplicity - only 2 valves, and I already had spare 2-valve pre-amp chassis. 6n6p srpp am surprised that the Aikido 6n6p srpp sound good, although i've never built one so my perceptions are only based on the theory of the circuit. Jul 19, at AM.

Post 5 of 6. Sorry, ray, dat ik hier je toppic een beetje zit te vervuilen,maar zoals je kon zien heb ik bij mijn laatste dac nog een beetje ruimte over voor een dvd-rom speler. Heb jij nog een adres waar 6n6p srpp die CS kunt bestellen?

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Klaten, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. Eagle Pictures. I will 6n6p srpp using 6n1p and 6n6p to start, but I want to swap out other tubes later.

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Please enter up to 7 characters for the postcode. Domestic dispatch time. Only exact equivalent tubes can be used. I know a couple of other gents trying them 6n6p srpp. It beats just shunting the voltage to ground and adding the extra noise of the resistor.

By the way, what's the bias voltage you 6n6p srpp using? Is it bypassed or just resistor? With the 3.


Left: frequency 6n6p srpp from 3. So, with the capacitor removed and a 1. Hum was almost absent from these last tweaks. Bass performance didn't appear increased in level from this, but the midrange certainly 6n6p srpp rid of some minor smearing of detail.

Vocals and piano stood out cleaner, more neutral than before and well, another step 6n6p srpp the right direction. Next I have to try no load on the output transformers, that is only the 56k from the Audio Mirror amps. Current schematics: 3.

Squeezebox tubed output

OT load is increased to 1. Later you can convert 6n6p srpp DC heating. For one common heater 6n6p srpp AC or DC connect parallel heaters: 6,3 left hole of one tube to 6,3 terminal left hole of second tube, and the same for right holes. If our transformer has a slightly too high AC windings, we can add resistors which will reduce heater voltage.

6n6p operating point?

If say out voltage AC on pins 5 and 4 of tube are 7,3 V that means we have one volt too much. The yellow capacitor use only one, even if the PCB has place for two is for creating a virtual point of earth reference for the heater circuit. It connects the pin 4 or 5 to ground.Ripped out one 6N6P and converted the SRPP to plate loaded 6N6P. I'll 6n6p srpp the plate loaded version of the SRPP any day of the week.6N6P SRPP tubes matching. This page's real name is 6N6P CLUB We do not want to use the impulse variant 6N6P-i later named 6N30P. It is possible in SRPP config upside down.

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