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Everyone's basically waiting for another gorilla to take them on. Soundstorm experience, absolutely sick DSP power.

Doubtful; aureal soundcard their claims, their history shows they're only really interested in shoving along the lowest common denominator. If we're talking 3d gaming then the answer is that the question is aureal soundcard. There is currently absolutely no industry in the business of making hardware that enhances the 3d game experience. Creative are still putting out exactly the same features as they did 7 years ago.

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The problem is that the general PC gaming public doesn't know what the're missing. Few got to taste the embryo of goodness that was the reflection raytracing in Half-Life A3D 2. Few got to experience the Aureal soundcard algorithms that are to this day better than 5 channels with speakers on a Creative card I have both on my box right here. And with people blissfully ignorant, why should anyone hardware company care?

If someone did care they'd just be raped by Creative aureal soundcard The time has come to move on. Aureal soundcard move to powerful software processing that is platform and hardware independent. If someone's going to do it, I think it'll be Microsoft. They control DirectX and if they say DirectX 10 will need hardware wavetracing then hardware wavetracing it sure is. Let's say I still have somewhere a Diamond Monster Vortex 2 based card golden contacts and all that.


Is it still usable in Windows XP in games, music, movies etc.? Will it bring something usefull to the table, comparing, let's say, with onboard sound? Since creative is the defacto king of the hill for consumer sound aureal soundcard, and most people are happy with integrated sound most of the time, aureal soundcard only people who care really right now are gamers. As it stands, I think more people care about eye candy than a realistic audio environment, and probably rightfully so -- double blind tests aren't really necessary for video, but is more necessary for audio playback.

Aureal Semiconductor

It sounds acceptable, especially with the two simultaneous configurable effects you can layer on top of aureal soundcard music. But if you want something better, a whole different instrument set is only a download away - compatible DLS 1.


As with all four speaker Aureal-based cards, the fancy Head Related Transfer Function HRTF tricks that make you think sounds are coming from aureal soundcard points apply only to the front speakers. The rear speakers only do stereo panning. Since the rear speakers only handle sounds that are actually meant to be behind you, though, this is not as big a problem as you might aureal soundcard.


After all, who needs HRTFs to persuade you a sound is behind you when a speaker really is? In four speaker mode, there can be occasional noticeable front-to-rear transfers, depending on where sounds are meant to be and where they're going. For the best 3D sound, I recommend headphones, but they have aureal soundcard own limitations. When you turn your 'phone-equipped aureal soundcard, the whole soundstage turns with you.

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You can move around inside the aureal soundcard sound space and the sounds will stay in the right place relative to the world you're supposed to be looking at through aureal soundcard screen. Hidden categories: All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from February Webarchive template other archives All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from May Namespaces Article Talk.

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Computer shop tried to sell me an Aureal sound card

Add to Cart. Email to a Friend. My MX with the Sensaura-based tech does not have aureal soundcard issue, though it has others.

I'm still running a Aureal soundcard on one machine. Likewise RichardAureal Semiconductor Inc. was an American electronics manufacturer, best known throughout the mid-late s for their PC sound card technologies including. Aureal soundcard Soundcard Driver Sound Card Driver Soundcards Drivers Sound Cards Drivers Audio Drivers Audio Driver Sound, Sound Card, Audio, zvukova karta.

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