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As a result, we are focusing more of our attention, which may logitech sk-2930 the personnel, financial resources and management attention, on product innovations and growth opportunities, including products for the consumption of digital music, products for gaming, products for video collaboration, products for the digital home, and on other potential growth opportunities. Our investments may not result logitech sk-2930 the growth we expect, or when we expect it, for a variety of reasons including those described below.


We are focused on products for the consumption of digital music logitech sk-2930 a sales growth area. Competition in the mobile speaker and headphone categories is intense, and we expect it to increase. Moreover, the market for mobile speakers appears to be maturing with slower growth.

If we are not able to grow our existing and acquired product lines and introduce differentiated products and marketing strategies to separate our products and brands from competitors' products and brands, our logitech sk-2930 speaker and audio headphone efforts will not be successful, and our business and results of operations could be adversely affected. We are building a diverse business that features a variety of gaming peripherals.

Logitech sk-2930 rapidly evolving and changing market and increasing competition increase the risk that we do not allocate our resources in line with the market and our business and our results of operations could be adversely affected. While we view the small and medium sized user groups opportunity to be large and relatively unaddressed, this is a new and evolving market segment that we are developing.


If the market logitech sk-2930 proves to be sustainable, we expect increased competition from the large competitors in the video conferencing market as well as potential new entrants. While we are a leader in programmable, performance remote controls for home entertainment, the smart home market is still in its early stages and it is not yet clear when the category will produce dynamic growth or which products will succeed and be able to take advantage of market growth or to help define and grow the market.

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Despite its early stages, the smart home market already is experiencing increasing competition from strong competitors. In addition logitech sk-2930 our current growth opportunities, our future growth may be reliant on our ability to identify and develop potential new growth opportunities. This process is inherently risky and will result in investments in time and resources for which we do not achieve any return or value. Each of these growth categories and many of the growth opportunities that we may pursue are subject to constant and rapidly changing and evolving technologies and evolving industry standards and may be replaced by new technology concepts or platforms.

Logitech YSAE71 / SK2930 / YRR71 / SK7207 / EX110 Keyboard Cover

Some of these growth categories and opportunities are also characterized by short product cycles, logitech sk-2930 new product introductions and enhancements and rapidly changing and evolving consumer preferences with respect to design and features that require calculated risk-taking and fast responsiveness and result in short opportunities to establish a market presence. In addition, some of these growth categories and opportunities are characterized by price competition, erosion of premium-priced segments and average selling prices, and sensitivity to general economic conditions and cyclical downturns.

If we do not develop innovative and reliable peripherals and enhancements in a cost-effective and timely manner that are attractive to consumers in these markets, if we are otherwise unsuccessful entering and competing in these growth categories or responding to the logitech sk-2930 changing conditions in these growth categories, if the growth categories in which we invest our limited resources do not emerge as the opportunities or do not produce the growth or profitability we expect, or when we expect it, or if we do not correctly anticipate changes and evolutions in technology and platforms, our business and results of operations could be adversely affected.

If we are not able to maintain and enhance our brands, or if our brands or reputation are damaged, our reputation, business and operating results could be adversely affected. We have developed long-term value in our brands and have invested significantly in design and in our existing and new brands over the past several years.

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We believe that our design and brands have significantly contributed to the success of our business and that maintaining and enhancing our brands is very important to our future growth and success. Maintaining and enhancing our brands will require significant investments and will depend largely on our future design, products and marketing, which may not be successful and may damage our brands. Our brands. It can take significant time, resources and expense to overcome negative publicity, reviews or perception. Any negative effect on our brands, regardless of whether it is in our control, could adversely affect our logitech sk-2930, business and results of operations.

If we do not compete effectively, demand for our products could decline and our business and operating results could be adversely affected.

The peripherals industry is intensely competitive. Most of our product categories are characterized by large, well-financed competitors, short product life cycles, continual performance enhancements, and rapid adoption of technological and product advancements by competitors in our retail markets. We experience aggressive price competition and other promotional activities from our primary competitors and from less-established brands, including brands owned by retail customers known as house brands. In addition, our competitors may offer customers terms and conditions that may be more favorable than our terms and conditions and may require us to take actions to increase our customer incentive programs, which could impact our revenues and operating margins.

In recent years, we have logitech sk-2930 the categories of products we sell and entered new markets. We remain alert to opportunities in new categories and markets. As we do so, we are confronting new competitors, many of which have more experience in the categories or markets and have greater marketing resources and brand name recognition than logitech sk-2930 have.


In addition, because of the continuing convergence of the markets for computing devices and consumer electronics, we expect greater competition in the logitech sk-2930 from well-established consumer electronics companies in our developing categories as well as in future categories we might enter. Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon are leading producers of operating systems, hardware, platforms and applications with which our mice, keyboards, wireless speakers and other products are designed to operate. In addition, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon each has significantly greater financial, technical, sales, marketing and other resources than Logitech, as well as greater name recognition and a larger customer base.

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