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Processor core : Tualatin. This Item doesn't include any heatshink and any external or separation socket adapter. Free shipping.

L2 cache size KB Socket type Slot 1. Hard Disk Controller.

Tyan SD Tiger Intel BX chipset, Dual Pentium II, MHz SDRAM Supp eBay

IB - Socket Intel mobile 440bx agpset 5. Water Proof IP PCI Interface. The bit value held in this field is multiplied by to arrive at the number of QWords that must be written within the Global Intel mobile 440bx agpset Write Sampling Window in order to cause the thermal throttling mechanism to be i nvoked. Throttle Time TT. This value provides a multiplier be tween 0 and 63 which specifies how long thermal throttling remains in effect as a number of Glo bal DRAM Write Sampling Windows. W hile the thermal throttling mechanism is invoked, DRAM writes are monitored during this windowif the number of QWords written during the window reaches the Throttle QWord Ma ximum, then write requests are blocked for the remainder of the window.


Normal DRAM write monitoring and thermal throttling operation are enabled when bits are set to All other combina tions are Intel Reserved. The contents of this register are protected by making the bits rea d-only once a intel mobile 440bx agpset is written to the Throttle Lock bit bit 63 of configuration register E0E7h Bits Description.

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This 8-bit v alue is multiplied by 4 to define the length of time in milliseconds over which t he number of QWords read from DRAM is counted. The bit value h eld in this field is multiplied by to arrive at the number of QWords that must be written wi thin the Global DRAM Read Sampling Window in order to cause the thermal throttling mechan ism to be invoked. This value provides a multip lier between 0 and 63 which specifies how long read thermal throttling remains intel mobile 440bx agpset effect as a number of Global DRAM Read Sampling Windows.

Normal DRAM read monitoring a nd thermal throttling operation are intel mobile 440bx agpset when bits are set to All other combin ations are Intel Reserved. The Jam Latch design provides the AGP sub-system with a variable s trength, to better accommodate the clamping requirements.

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Bit Reserved. Configuration read cycles will return data of all 1s.

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Co nfiguration write cycles will have no effect on the registers. This is a bit value a ssigned to Intel. This is a 16 bit value a ssigned to the BX device 1.


Fast Back-to-Back: Not Applicable. Hardwired to 0. Not applicable. Memory Write and Invalidate Enable: Not applicable. Special Cycle Enable: Not applicable.

Hardwired to 1. Not Applicable. Hardwire Description. This register contains the revision number of the BX device 1.

Intel 440BX

For the A-0 Stepping, this value is 00h. This is an 8-bit value that indicates intel mobile 440bx agpset revision identification number for the BX device 1. This is an 8-bit value that in dicates the category of Bridge into which the BX falls. This functionality is not applicable. Rea ds return previously written data.

This register identifies the header layout of the configuration sp ace. No physical register exists at this location. This read only field always retur intel mobile 440bx agpset 01h when read. Writes have no effect. Bit Bus Number.

Programmable Default 0. This register identifies the subordinate bus if any that resides at the level below AGP.The Intel BX (codenamed Seattle), is a chipset from Intel, supporting Intel mobile 440bx agpset II, Pentium III, MX is a mobile chipset for laptops, although a number of notebooks did use BX.

BX AGPset: BX Host Bridge/Controller Datasheet · Intel BX AGPset Intel mobile 440bx agpset Host Bridge/Controller Specification Update. In addition, the Mobile Intel BX chip set is the first chip set to bring Pentium II processor performance to mobile systems. The Intel BX AGPset improves.

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