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Join Date Nov Beans 1. Is there someplace better?

Contact support. But glyphs become black boxes. Subpixel: Like GS. But it takes longer until errors appear. Switching between them does not really help.

Augustin Vidovic : GNU/Linux on the IBM Thinkpad X30

It seems to recognize its errors on each AA algorithm pixmap cache" option. In the absence of this, the first section is used. See above comment. Roman Zimmermann torotil wrote on : 8. In Ubuntu Read More Fatal server error: Couldn't bind memory for ring buffer. The kernel DRM module 'i' isn't loaded.

Try to load it Code:. That should get things running, as long as you choose the proper driver i This is on xubuntu, updated from hardy which was updated from gutsy. L l wrote on : 6.

IBM Thinkpad X30 xorg.conf Ubuntu Debian Intel Corporation 82830 CGC

Any hints? L l wrote on : 7.

L l wrote on : 8. L l wrote on : 9. L l wrote on : No registered users and 7 guests. The error is misleading, since i is still listed as a fallback intel chipset 82830 cgc. I guess you're right. With one interesting difference on the font errors. Now the wrong alpha channel is only half the width of a glyph on the left side.

Or topside and solid blue. GDM seems not to be there as I was not able to login. Unfortunately X has no log of that. Here the artifacts are boxes placed intel chipset 82830 cgc the glyph. Comment 12 thor UTC I just upgraded from the intel-drm that came with kernel 3. Folks, what is happening here? Is nobody looking at such reports? It's a long, dramatic intel chipset 82830 cgc. In Ubuntu This is the old SliTaz forum - Please use the main forum. Otherwise you can use 8, 24, whatever. Caveot: bit color is not supported.

Caveot: Using bit color screws up the graphics hardware; upon returning to a text console, the top of the screen is sometimes polluted by strange flickering.

Rebooting resolves the issue.INTEL CHIPSET CGC DRIVER DOWNLOAD - Strangely though, resizing the windows or selecting anything within them brings it back to. OK, it's not so much me and Xorg as it is my Intel intel chipset 82830 cgc graphics chip and Xorg, or more specifically my Intel CGC and Xorg. Whatever.

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