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Is it as simple as you're suggesting?

Now that you've mentioned it, I might be able to just open it up and clean the existing pins to make it delorme pn-40. I have step-by-step write-up.

DeLorme Mapping PN Earthmate Handheld GPS Specs - CNET

If you would like a copy let me know. In any case I would start with the re-charging cable first, it only has two wires as shown below. The two main failure points are the pins, they have poor range of motion, and the wire connection, the wires fatigue and break. Delorme pn-40 the newer pins and applying the shrink tube solves these issues. Very cool info. My main concern is with accuracy and reception. Here are my thoughts based on what I have read and my experience with the Pn, and wtaching others use a 60CSX. I have found that the PN is good for ecological mapping e. If you need very prcecise accuracy, consumer grade GPS is not the thing to use.

The PN is very fast at gettiing a fix — always 45 seconds or less from turing the unit on, unless there are just not enough satellites around, and that would affect other GPS units equally.


I was with someone the other day with a 60 ont sure which variant and ot took much longer minutes. The Delorme has a faster processer, which may be why it is fast gettign a fix. IF you leave the unit on PN or 60 CSX then your position is constantly being updated so speed delorme pn-40 aquring a fix is not an issue. My decision to buy the DeLorme was the ability to load aerial photos onto the unit and I have been very happy to have that feature in the field for my forestry and ecology work.

Also, the free base maps with the Delorme are better than with the Garmin. However, there are many happy Gamin users out there too doing professional field work. Thanks so much for your quick reply! I agree with your comment about consumer-grade GPS — for delorme pn-40 project which does not involve fine-scale mappingthe m accuracies should be OK — I just wanted to make sure there was not a large difference in performance in this respect between these 2 models. Is there a maximum size? The PN will take up to a 32 GB card. I have a 16 Gb card.

Something to keep in mind when talking about the 60CSx is that not all are created equal. They each have their own accuracy and sensitivity delorme pn-40. A GPS showing an estimated accuracy of 10 meters might very well be showing more accurate coordinates than another GPS showing an estimated accuracy of 5 meters. Delorme pn-40 a DeLorme PN purchased new in the box unopened — worth anything? Many thanks.

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So now I am thinking I will get the Delorme pn-40 and a 32 gb card. Will this be slower than the SE?


Is delorme pn-40 any really good reason this would not be as good? Also, with this, does it really matter if I get the sandisk Ultra 2 or the Extreme? From reading, they are about the same speed, and also about the same working in heavy foilage-overhead tree cover. The PN has more maps available for it. They both are in meters of accuracy, about meters or so. delorme pn-40

Thank you very much for any help! The short answer is farm GPS equipment gets better accuracy because they are using survey grade equipment which costs thousands of dollars. If you need a device that is accurate to within inches, check out trimble. My need is a unit to drive and walk my lease of acres and mark stands and campsites then make a map to share with other members. Thanks for your forum and your help in advance. Hi all. I am leaving for Guyana, South America for one year delorme pn-40 in just a few weeks. I need to create maps of villages as well as delorme pn-40 routes to villages, farms, hunting areas, etc… I was wondering if Delorme had any maps of Guyana that I could upload to the pn Also, any recommendations on the memory card in terms of size?

You should call DeLorme with that question. They are a small company with real people who can answer your questions. The included Topo USA program includes a rudimentary basemap of Canada, and through it you can also purchase their map subscription which will allow you to download k Canadian topo maps. You donwload them from DeLorme.Getting Started.

DeLorme Mapping PN-40 Earthmate Handheld GPS Specs

This manual is for use with DeLorme Earthmate® PN and PN GPS devices; they are referred to as delorme pn-40. "PN-Series GPS" unless otherwise. The Earthmate Delorme pn-40 PN and PN Firmware version updates the one of these firmware versions, use an earlier DeLorme application to back up all.

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