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I have some kernel dev experience, and I'm willing to help improve the driver, but I need a few pointers on what's broken or not implemented, and on the way to approach bcm94321mcp3 p3 reverse engineer the STA driver? Post by Octavian Voicu Where is the latest wireless tree? Bcm94321mcp3 p3 it just Linus' vanilla linux.


Post by Octavian Voicu What's the deal with the second memory chunk? The photos were perfect and the instructions were very good, thank you. I even got the screw bcm94321mcp3 p3 out after dropping it inside.


Also there were 3 wires numbered 1,2,3. Since the antenna posts were numbered j1,j2 I matched the wires to the posts, leaving 3 unconnected. The airport bcm94321mcp3 p3 is not being found after startup?!!? I will try to take it out and re-insert it in the card slot. I had it worked after 30 min of trying different cables for one installing the card is easy but then you have to deal with antenna cables. I got the card working only after inserting the wire 1 on the top and wire 3 in the bottom.

Leave cable number 2 covered with the plastic and pushing back above the mother board. I bcm94321mcp3 p3 try what you suggest and report back. Does it automatically mean the card is bad? Bcm94321mcp3 p3 am I missing some installation procedure?

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  • How To: Installing an Airport Extreme Card in an Intel Mac Pro – Meandering Passage
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  • Hitachi GDR8162B – HL Gdr-8161b 16x Dvd-rom Drive
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Just curious has anyone tested that FastMac card with the original Mac Pro? It took an Bcm94321mcp3 p3 reinstall to fix it. Writing this through my home network now. Working great!

I was excited to install the card myself using these bcm94321mcp3 p3 but before i bought the card I tried to find the wires. Guess what? I can only find the BT wire.


Those other ones must be tucked away to far for me to see. Oh well, bcm94321mcp3 p3 to old-school cables.

WiFi Wireless Mini Pci-e Card Broadcom Bcm94321mcp3 P3

I removed the single hard drive. I found my wires near the arrow on the right. They looked like they are wrapped together with a bundle of other wires, looking a bit like a car bcm94321mcp3 p3 harness.

The Apple store told me the wires numbered 1,2, and 3 are the antenna wires and to bcm94321mcp3 p3 different combinations if my network reception is poor. I read at a different website to use the wires labelled 2 and 3. I just tried connecting Wire 2 and Wire 3, leaving wire 1 unconnected and it works very well. I use bootcamp and it plays well in Vista as well.


Hello everybody, I just succesfully installed the airport card in my Mac Pro thanks to this article. Thank you very much. I just wanted to add this information:. I bcm94321mcp3 p3 a little nervous about installing the card since I hardly have bcm94321mcp3 p3 experience with these kind of procedures.

I had to do it myself because transporting the computer and not having it around for a long time was simply not an option. Installing the card should be done very carefully and with much patience. Using a small set of pliers to put the screws in the holes befor screwing them in worked very well for me. I however did not succeed in connecting the antenna wires to the card after screwing it to the motherboard. So I unscrewed the card again and gently wiggled the antenna wires to the card with my fingers so that I could feel what I was doing. Afterwards I installed the card again and it worked fine. I connected wire 2 to the top connector and wire 3 to the bottom one. WiFi reception is bcm94321mcp3 p3 same as with my MacBook Pro.

Pretty pissed of right now. Bcm94321mcp3 p3 All. Very interesting!Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for WiFi Wireless Mini Pci-e Card Broadcom Bcmmcp3 P3 at the best online prices at eBay!.

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