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SCSI: Yes. Firewire: No. I have no idea what the consistency in film dimensions between manufacturers of film is, however, I have both Fuji and Kodak film samples and both have the play I mentioned. Another issue is the size of the exposed portion of each frame. I shoot two different Nikons.

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Perhaps the Canon shutter window is fractionally larger? But when the film is finished scanning, FilmGet turns itself off.

ROM version 1. Thanks for pointing that out. The FilmGet editing tools are too crude to be of much use anyhow, so like you I now do zero pre-processing then scan at 42 bits. Regarding Taylor Hively's issue with batch scanning.

Canon CanoScan FS4000US - film scanner Series Specs

He's quite correct that we are limited to scanning only as many frames as will fit in RAM. However, there is no law restricting one to ppi scans.

My own workflow, when I sit down with a new roll of film is to scan every frame at ppi and 24 bits. I do two or three 4-frame strips at a time, revert to Photoshop to save them to disk, then repeat.

In any case, because of the flimsy plastic holders and the hazards involved in getting the scanner to grab the holder, I don't think this scanner would be appropriate for a high volume, production shop. The result is extremely accurate color rendition areas of the canon fs4000us film slide scanner image. In addition, the new scanner features optical resolution up to 4, dpi as well as an improved color tone algorithm for more accurate color reproductions from original art.

Canon CanoScan FS4000US 4000 x DPI Film/slide scanner

The FSUS performs primary scanning using a 3-line color image sensor. On loading FilmGet for the first time, I was presented with a quirky calibrating routine, quirky because sometimes it takes only a few seconds, and sometimes I began to twiddle my fingers with impatience as it sat there silently, telling canon fs4000us film slide scanner it was calibrating. The software is quite well laid out and provides the standard settings for you to tweak, as illustrated below:. Other articles you might find interesting There are no comments here! All the software corrections seem to be done at the bit 8 bits per channel level, whether the final output file is bit or bit.

For the very best possible results, scan at bit color depth, don't do any corrections with the supplied "FilmGet" software, output a bit file and edit that in a bit canon fs4000us film slide scanner program. Then convert to a bit file if that's the final form that you want. The software installed easily. The scanner is plug and play of course, so you simply attach it to a USB port, power up the PC and the usual hardware install dialog pops up. On Linux, you need to set up libusb device protections. Film Scanning: Yes. Max Supported Document Size.

Max H-Document Size. Some use purely software-based techniques that we've found to be of little benefit: If they remove the dust, they also remove most of the fine subject detail. If they leave the subject detail, they leave the dust too. The most successful methods use infrared light to generate a "defect mask" that then guides sophisticated processing in the scanner's firmware and software.

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The idea is that the infrared light passes through the film's emulsion layers more or less untouched, but is blocked by dust or scratches. We've found infrared-based methods to be quite effective in removing canon fs4000us film slide scanner and scratches from your scans. Thus far, the only infrared-based technology for dust removal has been "Digital ICE" by Applied Science Fiction, licensed to both Nikon and Minolta for use in their film scanners. This is an IR-based approach, distinguished by the almost zero impact it has on underlying subject detail.

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Previously, even the best implementations of IR-based dust removal resulted in at least some softening of the image. You could generally get back most of the sharpness by careful application of unsharp masking in an image editing program, but there was always at least some loss of detail, no matter what you did.


With FARE, we found that there canon fs4000us film slide scanner really no loss of detail that we could discern, possibly just a tiny bit of softening when the control was set to "Strong" in the control software. The illustration at right shows the effect of FARE on a very dirty piece of color negative film.

The scan was done at dpi, results were quite similar at dpi. The composite photo at right is reduced somewhat to fit our layout. Click on canon fs4000us film slide scanner to see the full-sized version in a separate browser window.Desktop film scanner, accepts 35mm slides, negatives, as well as APS ( Advanced Photo System) media; Up to 4, dpi resolution; Accepts wide variety of film.


Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Canon FSUS Film Scanner at I have been scanning slides at the highest resolution with the noise .

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