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The only problem that I face are those of the connection: I chang d 2 Firewire cable again because of bad contacts Provided the original is still, however, it Indeed, an external hard drive for example, is less sensitive to bad contacts being given that is not isochronous transmission as the Firestation. I can go without ms 2 VSTi. No problem of stability. It can be dyed and switch the card without presonus firestation without restarting the PCit is recognized in 5 seconds. Whether your focus is on studio recording, live-sound recording, podcasting, sound design, or all of the above, the FireStudio Project is your complete solution.


Newly approved software presonus firestation be added to www. The VSL connects to the computer via a V2. Downloads Software and driver updates, tutorials, manuals and more! Presonus firestation software i have lost my. It should be noted that although this does allow for a wide range of buffer sizes and resultant latencies to be controlled, less technically minded musicians might find this array of settings bewildering, and you're unlikely to be able to achieve the sub-5ms latency values that some ASIO hardware is capable of. You would then relaunch the sequencer, open the ASIO control panel and make the Preferred Buffer Size adjustment presonus firestation which requires you to again quit the application and relaunch to effect the setting. Some default settings and a recommended process for setting up a system were forthcoming from Yamaha via PreSonus, but they are not as yet available on the web site or in the instruction manual.

PreSonus FIREstation is Mac OS X-Compatible

Using the Firestation with my trusty iBook Recording eight tracks via the eight inputs of each device, at the same time as playing back the presonus firestation tracks gave the results in Table 2. Table 2: Figures presonus firestation when recording eight tracks while playing back show a similar discrepancy.

Changing buffer settings on the ASIO and mLAN presonus firestation had negligible effect on these results, and presonus firestation obvious conclusion to draw is that mLAN as a protocol does not work as efficiently as native Firewire for transmitting audio data. It is difficult to tell whether it is the protocol itself or the relatively undeveloped software version 1.

It is fair to point out that mLAN is designed to carry other streams of data such as MIDI but it was not my understanding that bandwidth was presonus firestation in the protocol at the expense of the audio stream. According to Yamaha, the current mLAN data rate of Mbps supports a theoretical maximum of audio channels, while the forthcoming second generation of mLAN chips will operate at Mbps.


Manual and pdfs always enough to answer my questions. I like the ability to color the sound a bit with the lamp. But as it meets my needs and it can be used stand alone, it can be used again when I change my configuration. The number of well enough, pramplis lamps, the simplicity of use. For live electronica, improvisation and composition in a group. Je with Sennheiser HD so you can easily hear the slightest sound presonus firestation that this interface breaks records clean.


No need to prampli and so it's nothing to say. Most often I record my bass, my guitar or other instruments, like a piano or a drum line, and many other things and I never short dcus t in terms of dynamic and spectrum. If you buy this presonus firestation especially bought a firewire card with a quip NEC chipset. Audio 1 Sep 30, Question How presonus firestation I use this cassetdeck to record the audio from it to my computer?

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Question How do I stop my microphone from doing this when Presonus firestation record Question New External Mic isnt detected in recording devices Info What do you need to make professional music with your laptop Question How can I record a phone interview Question Novice What do I need to record audio from a 3. How to connect 2 audio cassette players for recording Solved!

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Microphone only records when I put it infront my mouth and when I increase the volume, then I record only loud static. Not getting both audio channels out of my record player" for recording and disable the rest. It's either a bug or limitation in the mLAN patchbay - either all 8 inputs are active or none at all. It looks like a bug since there are menu drop downs for each entry with an associated disconnect choice - but choosing one affects all entries.

I have done so successfully and will report back if this helps CPU performance.

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I would suggest switching between active input ports and disabled ones for mixing down.The FIREstation is designed to be the heart of your digital recording studio. You presonus firestation plug in microphones, instruments and external preamps into the analog. FIREstation Quick Start Guide Mac OS 9.x and OSX - EN. KB PDF. English. Misc. Documents. mLAN Windows XP presonus firestation In-Depth Setup Guide - EN. MB.

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